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3 years later

Ok full circle back to teamwork – swimming in warm Nokomis last night with chelle reminded me of my first tri season back in ’04 (lifetime was my first tri ever) so I’ll recount some of the things I am very thankful for in my short years in this sport:
God for keeping me healthy ( have not crashed..yet!) / for chelle always supporting me from our dating, engaged, now married time / for local resources to teach me (team in training, tri endurance, scs, gear west, total immersion) / for online people to learn from (gordo, slowtwitch, ultrafit, usaswim) / for books and mags to keep me informed & entertained (triathelete, insidetri, going long, begginer tri bible, triathlete’s guide to run training) / for training partners (aaron, mer, chelle!) that encourage and challenge me / for friends that put up with shaved legs and me skipping out on late night (past 9:30) events (ben, bull, jlo, max, justin) / and for my family (my dad bot me my 1st hed 3, my mom has been to every lifetime, and my sister has endured 110 heat index for racine half!). Muchas gracias to you all.

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July 11, 2007 at 6:38 pm
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