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3 days till Waconia

Oh boy, is Waconia going to be great or what? While I was gone fishing in Canadia, I missed the Hy Vee World Cup in Iowa – and while congrats are certainly due to Wood and Yenstad’s (both getting 3rds in amateur race), I think this just points out, once again, what a great Tri State we live in. Forget the state of hockey, I would have to put us more towards the top 5 (Cali, CO, NY, Florida, Texas perhaps…) in the nation.

So yes I have called this year’s Lake Waconia (Best of US Qualifier) the battle of the ages on the guy’s side because with Shelp turning pro, the battle will go b/n Bich and Wood. Yes, Brett, resurgent Kevin GearWest, and maybe a “breakout” surprise guy are possible…but Bich has had a lock on that race, and Wood has monsterized his bike even more this year (to go along with his monster swim). In 2006 Brian beat Curt on the run by doing 5:43 vs 6:22s. If Curt can get his swim down below 1:10 pace, and his bike up towards 26mph, look out- cause they just be be making a dash down the big hill. Now I might be biased (I’m 28) but I’m a thinking that this is Wood’s year – what do you think?

Ok on the women’s side Kathy Yndestad won it last year by 1.5 minutes over Jan GearWest, and the age difference is slightly wider (19 yrs vs 12 for Curt/Brian), but they have both been racing well. Julie was close, but I think that Kathy’s super fast skills still set her up as the favorite for this year. Oh and I did notice that she’s left her old uniform for the red/black GW colors. Watch out Europe, while you are trading futbol players like there is no tomorrow, we also have some movement in the elite ranks over here! Oh and the Yndestad team has started a multisport photo biz here.

PS – if someone out there has a video camera, bring it, tape this race!

My personal hopes for Waconia? I came in 4th last year in my age group because of a 2 minute penalty for “illegal pass” – i.e. old dude ahead not comprende that you ride on the right, pass on the left – so on a right turn I barely miss crashing into his rear wheel by ducking to the right…so yes I was not happy at all.  This year I hope to do better on all 3, and I think that I might be able to run a bit faster. I just got back from Canada and did not work out there at all, but I did a hard ride yesterday, and I today a 3 ez miles, followed by under 7 pace 4 miles to finish.  We will see if all the rest/fishing did me well on Sunday.

June 21, 2007 at 10:10 pm
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