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2nd Ironman wisconsin camp

Left the crazy, crazy world that bond/stk/crrcy mkts have become to take a nice drive to madison with aaron and merrie. Merrie dropped us of at the hotel and we started getting our bike ready. After 1 flight of the concordes and an entourage, it was time to go to sleep to get ready for Saturday. We finally got on the road around 7:30am and had to ride 9 miles to the Capitol where the actual swim/transition happens. We started on the 112 mile bike course and about 40 minutes later it started raining. It hardly ever stopped and with 2 small bouts of hail we had a long wet ride through the wisconsin countryside. Doing the course again really helped and I think that we both are mentally stronger from knowing hills/declines/false flats, etc. Plus chances are that the weather will be better than what we experienced. After hitting up the potbellys on state street (wreck/chips/soup/cookie/drink) we went back to the hotel. Sunday morning Merrie picked us up and she joined us for the 1st half of the 1st loop of the marathon. There was no hiding from the rain this day since it had been raining since dawn. Our run went well and just like on the bike, it was great to really learn the course and know when to push or sit back. Overall I feel great and not crushed by this weekend. If we would havestayed in mpls we probably would have not done 130m on Saturday and 12m on Sunday – plus knowing the course will help tons come September 9th!
On Monday, Aaron and I finished our bike weekend off with a 5,500 mark allen swim set. The 2×1,500 (descending each 500) were pretty tough – but ironmen don’t rust…

August 21, 2007 at 1:27 pm
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