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ITU videos at youtube.com/itutriathlon

The International Triathlon Union, or ITU for us in the triathlon world, is the world’s governing body for our sport. They have done an excellent job of marketing and getting sponsors, even in the face of BG stepping away. I am not up on all the politics that happen between the ITU, the Olympics, and the national governing bodies such as USAT here in the US. What I do know is that they have figured out how to put on exciting races that give fans the best view of the action. Watching the 2007 Hamburg World Championships on Versus is quite a treat and it is one of my favorite dvr programs that I watch when the computrainer time is getting hard and I need a boost. As far as their coverage, their website and video production is leaps and bounds above anything else anyone puts on – and yes by anyone I mean any other race including Ironman, Tri-California, North America Sports, 70.3s, etc – it is efficient, robust, real-time, and I have never had a problem keeping up with a race. They also have a great commentator that knows the triathletes (even in wetsuits) and stays away from the ridiculous comments like: “her stomach is pudgy, she must not be digesting” or “so you just finished an Ironman, how do you feel?”

They have great videos on triathlon.org, but they have also been doing serious work on their youtube channel over at youtube.com/itutriathlon.

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March 11, 2008 at 11:04 am
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