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2008 St. Anthony’s Triathlon Results – Matt Reed and Sarah Haskins

Well here we go, Matt Reed is putting his stamp on the American spring triathlon season. Not only did he win a Beijing Olympic slot, but he just beat out a stellar field down in St. Petersburg at the 2008 St. Anthony’s Triathlon. The women’s side was taken by Sarah Haskins, which is a great result for this speedy swimmer who was first out of the water and posted the fastest run.
I can’t remember where David Thompson came in last year but I remember it being 7th or 8th – well at this year’s he was 9th, but his run was 5th fastest which is great since the biking will come around once we start having decent weather in this frozen state called Minnesota. One surprise for me was seeing Marcus Ornellas from Brazil come in 8th – I guess I just do not know much about him but he ran a very balanced race. And Faris Al Sultan (my pick to win since why not!)? Well he finished a respectable 15th versus all the short distance guys.

On the amateur side, Adam Webber from Lebanon, PA took it in 1:55:36, while Brooke Davison from Boulder, CO won the elite female crown in 2:04:56. Bree Wee, one of the fastest amateurs of the last few years, got a nice top 10 result in the pro ranks today. Bree is the gal that in her third year of racing broke Kate Major’s overall amateur Ironman record (thereby also setting the 25-29 age group record) at the 2007 Ironman Hawaii – her time was a blistering 9:47.

St. Anthony’s Triathlon | 1500 Meter Swim/40K Bike/10K Run | April 27, 2008

Male Professional Triathlete Results:
1 Matthew Reed 1:46:34
2 Andy Potts 1:46:52
3 Greg Bennett 1:47:43
4 Craig Alexander 1:49:41
5 Richie Cunningham 1:50:39
6 Kevin Collington 1:50:42
7 Stephen Hackett 1:50:47
8 Marcus Ornellas 1:51:42
9 David Thompson 1:51:50
10 Paul Ambrose 1:53:20

Female Professional Triathlete Results:

1 Sarah Haskins 1:59:24
2 Rebeccah Wassner 2:00:34
3 Mirinda Carfrae 2:01:52
4 Samantha McGlone 2:02:35
5 Becky Lavelle 2:02:56
6 Julie Dibens 2:03:04
7 Nina Kraft 2:03:31
8 Cynthia Wilson 2:05:04
9 Bree Wee 2:05:18
10 Alicia Kaye 2:06:11

Full results over at altavistasports.com

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April 27, 2008 at 9:00 am
  • April 27, 2008 at 12:45 pmHDMI Cable Guy

    Another great result by Sarah Haskins!!! What a great way to start the year 1st, 2nd, 1st in her first three outings.


  • May 7, 2008 at 1:55 pmCHARLEY FRENCH

    Where are the age group results?
    What percentage of the participants are pro’s vs age groupers?
    In almost all tri publications they only list the Pro and overall age group winners, what about the age group results? The vast majority of your readers are age group participants.

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