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2008 Medtronic TC 1 Mile Results

mtcm 1 miler

2008 Twin Cities Marathon One Mile Race Results

The official mtcmarathon.org site doesn’t have the 2008 Twin Cities 1 Miler results up yet, but iwilltri.com does!

The Twin Cities Marathon One Miler is a great race that takes place right in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. It starts at Loring Park, winds down past downtown landmarks like Morton’s (I recommend the brownie – not kidding), Oceannaire (Arctic Char baby!), Orchestra Hall & Peavey Plaza (I caught Shawn White skateboarding there last summer, crazy tricks!), past Brit’s (outdoor, 2nd floor lawn bowling on grass), then down past the Target, with the finish nestled between the US Bank Building (my office for five years) and Macy’s. This race serves as an early entry opportunity for the hotly pursued Twin Cities Ten Miler and they give out other lottery based entries at the One Miler. I highly recommend it since it’s just plain fun to run through downtown. What I would not recommend is running 4:40 pace for the frist quarter mile, then realizing that is way too fast, and then blowing up right in front of the Brit’s happy hour crew (dude, run faster!) – not that I’d know anything about doing that…

Looking through the faster results I did not recognize too many names, but we did have two of our elites towards the front, with Brooks going top 20. Carrie is not a triathlete (Olympic runner!), but she does train with David and totally supports the triathlon scene.

Brooks Grossinger 4:36
Carrie Tollefson 4:48
Chad Millner 4:56

Full 2008 TC 1 Mile Results

Lastly, in humbling me once again when I get any crazy ideas in my head that I am making progress in getting faster in my age group, a certain Luke Watson of South Bend, IN ran a 4:11 and placed 4th overall. Good thing for us that I’ve never seen him at a triathlon…
Over here is my post from the 2007 race.

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