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2008 Lisbon ETU Triathlon European Championships Results, Women:

“It was a dream today. There were lots of people giving me strength,” said Fernandes at the finish line. “It is very important for me to show these people in Portugal what triathlon is. I can show Portugal what Portuguese athletes can do.”

Well Vanessa Fernandes continues her march to become the best short course triathlete ever with a record breaking fifth consecutive European Championship by taking the gold today at the 2008 Lisbon ETU Triathlon European Championships. Let’s repeat that again so that sinks in: 5th consecutive European Championship. Have we ever seen someone win Ironman Frankfurt (the European Championship) five times, let alone five times in row? This girl is amazing and she is still very young having been born only in 1985. Yes that is right, she equaled Emma Carney’s record of twelve consecutive World Cup wins back in 2006 at the tender age of 21. Maybe at this year’s Lifetime I can get her and David to do an interview together since they are some of the few athletes that LiteSpeed sponsors. Let’s remind ourselves what she did last year in 2007:

* World Cup:
o 3rd (Mooloolaba, Australia)
o 1st (Ishigaki, Japan)
o 1st (Lisbon, Portugal)
o 1st (Madrid, Spain)
o 1st (Salford, United Kingdom)
o 1st (Beijing, China)
o 1st (Rhodes, Greece)
* 1st – World Duathlon Championships (Gyor, Hungary)
* 1st – European Championships (Copenhagen, Denmark)
* 1st – World Championships (Hamburg, Germany)
* 1st – Life Time Fitness Triathlon (Minneapolis, United States)

Her full wikepedia bio | Vanessa Fernandes video interview at 2007 Lifetime

Back to the ETU race, Italian Nadia Cortassa took silver, while Swedish Lisa Norden earned the bronze.

2008 Lisbon ETU Triathlon European Championships
Final Results – Elite Women
1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run
Gold – Fernandes, Vanessa (POR) 2:05:46
Silver – Cortassa, Nadia (ITA) 2:06:25
Bronze – Norden, Lisa (SWE) 2:06:44
4th – Spirig, Nicola (SUI) 2:06:44
5th – Franzmann, Joelle (GER) 2:06:47
6th – Vodickova, Radka (CZE) 2:07:05
7th – Dollinger, Eva (AUT) 2:07:10
8th – Ryf, Daniela (SUI) 2:07:25
9th – Harrison, Jessica (FRA) 2:07:38
10th – Abyssova, Irina (RUS) 2:08:04

full triathlon.org story on the European Triathlon Championship here.

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