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2008 Hy-Vee ITU World Cup Triathlon Video 4

2008 Hy-Vee ITU World Cup Triathlon Video 4: Female T2, run, top 5 finish. This is where the true test of triathlon is lived out on the 4 laps of the 10 kilometer run. Sarah Haskins runs out first, and while she does grab her slot by coming in second American to Laura Bennett (who was our first qualifier back in Beijing ITU ’07), Emma Snowsill took control of the race before the first lap was over and never gave it up. Emma had a rare DNF at last year’s HyVee Triathlon but today was revenge day. This was also the first victory for her post getting engaged to uber-swim-biker extraordinaire Craig Walton (now retired) – I’m guessing $200k might come in handy for the wedding.

In the other huge news of the day, Sarah Haskins (favorite going into the race to get USA slot), secured the last USA Beijing slot and we now have a complete USA triathlon team of Laura Bennett, Julie Ertel, and Sarah Haskins. With Becky Lavelle coming in as third American, she becomes the alternate for the Olympics.

I wish I would have put the links to their sites in the videos, but here are some anyway:

emma-snowsill.com | I can’t find Moffatt’s or Tucker’s sites, please email me at hector “at” iwilltri.com if you havethem | Laura over at team-bennett.com (nice soundtrack on this site!) | lizblatchford.com | sarahhaskins.com

2008 Hy-Vee ITU World Cup Triathlon 4 from hector guatemala on Vimeo.

the entire Hy-Vee ITU World Cup Video Collection: iwilltri.com/tag/hy-vee-video | all at youtube.com/iwilltri

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June 27, 2008 at 9:27 pm
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  • June 28, 2008 at 9:01 pmHDMI Cable Guy

    Congrats to Sarah Haskins & Hunter Kemper for securing the final Olympic slots.

    Organizers did a fanastic job with the last minute venue changes.

    I expect that Lifetime in MN next month will be another great US performance.

    Dad, Sponsor, Athlete & Business Owner

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