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Ironman Arizona Journey – 74 days left

February begins and the road to IMAZ has arrived at the deep forest of big
volume and sore muscles. Last night Aaron convinced me to go over to the YMCA for a 3 hour workout, and I said “sure, why not?” He valiantly ran for 3 hours, while I swam for an hour and then ran for 2 (1st hour ez, 2nd hr I did a 10k in 44:10 which is 7:15s I think and then finished ez). We were both laughing by the end – I mean whenever we do big workout it’s pretty funny at the beginning and at the end – but not in the middle. We normally go thru these “no talking” spans when you really wonder if “running” for 25 minutes like the Nike’d-out guys would be a better idea. I am doing a longer swim tonight and then the usual long bike on Saturday w/a transition run, then shorter run and bike on Sunday.

Oh last night I also filmed the first chapter for the IMAZ journey. It will get posted tonight after I get back from the Timberwolves game.

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February 1, 2008 at 5:50 pm
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