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18 days away from Ironman Arizona

Well here we are inside of three weeks and things are looking great.  I feel pretty good about where I am at and I know I can’t add much fitness from here on in.  The heavy lifting is behind and we are on the home stretch.  The “which tubulars, wheels, helmets, weather, etc” discussions are picking up steam in interneto world (as soon as Oceanside/Ralph’s/California 70.3 passes this weekend it will get even worse).  I haven’t decided yet on what I’ll be riding exactly, though a friend just offered his disc so I’ll ride that and haven’t decided on the front yet.  We were walking home today from work with Aaron and I was telling him how I am just really pumped to get this show on the road.

When the mba application process really hit after Ironman Wisconsin I was so focused on that that I did not off-season/base train as much as I wanted.  But once I knew I was going to Kellogg I really started and it has kept me fresh mentally – specially since the weather here has been so poor. Normally winters don’t bother me but this has to be the worst winter in my decade of living in the land of ten thousand lakes.  It has been cold, hardly any snow, lots of ice – all just bad conditions to for running.  Well spring should be coming here around the corner sometime!    So what do I have planned after Ironman Arizona?  Here is a first stab at what I am planning:

April: last two weeks relax, take it easy, and smile at the sub 3:30 marathon I ran at IMAZ.

May: get back into and ride outside often and as much as possible – Gear West Duathlon is right around my birthday.

June: race either Buffalo or Liberty Half depending on a possible trip to either NYC or Costa Rica.  Head to Des Moines to watch the US pick it’s last Beijing Olympic spot in Triathlon at the big ol’ HyVee Triathlon.  Aaron and I will be driving down with two video cameras and camping gear to cover this race like it never has been before.  Of course I can’t totally let my game down since the following weekend is Waconia and a podium spot in the 25-29 age group is reserved for Cervancho and me (I hope).

July: 4th of July is a great holiday and I intend to run a 5k or 10k in my American Flag short shorts.  Then it’s Lifetime weekend with 3 days of jam packed interviews!  The following week is Heart of the Lakes and I hope to do even better than Waconia.  I think I’ll also race the Chisago Half if I can fit it in.

August: at this point I am thinking about doing the 3 day Cancer Walk in Chicago.  Instead of walking the 60 miles, I am thinking of running a marathon a day for each of the three days and getting people to sponsor me ($1/mile) – when will I have the opportunity to do something like that again? Who knows!  And then it’s off to starting Kellogg and the two year adventure that will be.

Workout tonight was:  1.5 hours on computrainer = 10′ WU, 30′ @ IM watt goal, 5 ez, 30’@ IM watt goal +5, 5’ez, 10′ @ IM goal +10.  Brick run downstairs on treadmill for .5 hr = 10′ @ 8:24, 15′ @ 8s, 5′ @ 7:54.

By the way it seems like I am not the only once that gets flats on the computrainer since Cathy Yndestad commented that she also gets them.  So there, you have an All American Honorable Mention/ #1 MN Female triathlete also experiencing the same issues I had – I’m not alone…

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March 26, 2008 at 8:08 pm

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