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One year later after training for Ironman Arizona

I was finishing up stuyding for some lame stats class, looked at the lovely outlook calendar, and started to think about what I was up to last year. 

Next thing I know I was back on this site trying to figure out what I was doing in ’08 – and yes it was a lot of triathlon stuff.  I had just told work I was leaving, we had just put the loft on the market (brilliant idea), and were trying to downsize.  And yet we were also 1 month away from Ironman Arizona.  Somehow Chelle was kind enough to let me keep training, and during this week in ’08 she went to Brazil+Argentian for work = so that meant I could train.  More than I ever had before. 

28.5 hrs – mostly indoors, though I had 3 runs outside. 

On that Sunday I did a megaworkout – 1hr swim, 5hr bike indoors, and 2 hr run  = all back to back.  Oh and I only weighed 170.8.

Now this site is out of date and half broken, I weigh a lot more, am way out of shape, think midnight on a school night is normal (no 5am swim meets with team swedemala at the Y), and haven’t written on here in a long time.  Well anyway, I do miss triathlon, the minneapolis crew, thinking about getting ready for Gear West duathlon over my birthday, crazy 5k swims with A-aron, etc. Some day it’s coming back.  And when it does I’ll have one more Big Training Week, maybe even go on epiccamp or something before gordo and molina retire…

Here is the archive links for last year: http://iwilltri.com/2008/03/

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Craig Alexander: 2008 Ironman World Champion

Alexander just wrote himself into the triathlon history books by winning the 2008 Ironman World Championship in Kona. On the 30th anniversary of the toughest one day race in sport, Craig used his signature run to catch the leaders and give Australia another world crown. I have had opportunities to not only interview him but also hang out and I can tell you the humility and hard work ethic you see in the magazines and on video is genuine.

The years of running around Europe with little money are gone, the doubts aboyt whether a one IM season is enough are crushed, congrats man!

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Where is Hector and what is going on at IWILLTRI

I should have just written this a long time ago but I haven’t.  I am officially retired from triathlon training and semi-retired from trying to keep up with the sport I love. If they showed triathlons in the general media then maybe I could keep up more, but honestly the mba experience takes over every waking minute (and you have lots of waking minutes vs sleeping ones) and I intend to get the most out of it. It has been strange to not report on races anymore and instead just try to mentally remember dates for signifcant races and at least think of who might be there, in contention, etc. Since Chicago I have missed writing about USAT Nationals, the Minnesotan triathlon scene, Samantha and Michellie pulling out of the big dance, and the big leadup to Kona for Ironman World Championships.  Today was the US Open Championship (Greg Bennett and Lisa Norden won), while my buddy Aaron Sjogren smoked the Twin Cities Marathon.  But then again all I had was a few minutes at JFK to check on this…hopefully I can remember to watch a little bit of Kona next Sunday!

Anyway, I do miss writing on this site and keeping up with the tri community thru it, even more than just my individual training.  I hope to maybe have some time over Thanksgiving to finish posting the Beijing Olympics stories and pictures, as well as the Chicago Triathlon – but then again I still have videos from July that I haven’t finished. 

I do get emails (hector “@” iwilltri,com) so if there is something you are particularly interested in please let me know and I will do my best to get back to you. 

I hope to be back some time, soon. 

But till then remember to get out there and tri,


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USAT Age Group Nationals – Cathy Yndestad gets 2nd!

The Age Group National Triathlon Championships in the USA are in the books for 2008 and my friend Cathy Yndestad got 2nd overall and won the 30-34 age group. The overall winners were Brooke Davison and Jason Schott, both in the 35-39 categeory.  It’s great to see that Brian Bich from Duluth was top 10 overall and 2nd Master’s.  Lastly, my boy Curt Wood got 2nd in the 30-34 category right behind Mark Harms from Madison.  Oh and yes this is my first post in weeks…gosh!  slowtwitch.com has a much better story on it here.

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Video of Aussie Olympic Medalists arriving back home

Once you earn an Olympic medal life changes forever. Here is a short video I saw with the Australian’s coming back home, and of course you get to see Emma Snowsill – Gold Medalist at the Beijing Olympics Triathlon.

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Sarah Haskins and Laura Bennett in Sports Illustrated

I got this email from Brian and the picture is great: his wife Sarah Haskins and USA teammate Laura Bennett in a Sports Illustrated two paged picture of the Beijing Olympics Triathlon. It is not everyday that you get to see triathletes in SI, and specially rare to see a 2 page spread. Which reminds me that I need to finish the second part of my Life Time Triathlon Sarah Haskins interview – though part 1 is here.

Sarah Haskins, Magali Di Marco, and Laura Bennett.

The photographer Clive Rose has some amazing pictures over here of Emma Snowsill, Emma Moffatt, Vanessa Fernandes, etc.  It makes my 100 pictures of the Olympics Triathlon slideshow look like 1st grade coloring the lines.

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Beijing Olympics Triathlon Photo Slideshow – the Women’s 100

One hundred pictures from the 2008 Beijing Olympics Women’s Triathlon. This was a combo effort from team Fernandez as I tried to shoot video, shoot from a point and shoot, and Chelle ran the SLR. Hope you like the – and if you need the actual pictures (pro/sponsor/etc) just shoot me an email.

Below is the embedded flickr slideshow (if you hover over lower area you can click on lower right X to bring up full screen, you can then turn “info on” in top middle to turn on the description for each photo, while “options” on top right allow you to set speed).

over on flickr.com/iwilltri you can see each picture in the Beijing Olympics Triathlon photo set.

entire Beijing Olympics coverage here

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My Triathlon Gear for SALE ! !

If you are a faithful reader, then you know I am about to head off to mba school which means I am semi-retiring from our wonderful sport for 2 years and need to sell gear. I am becoming a full time student and some book $! This is gear that I can’t see using in the next seasons so there is no good reason for me to keep it. I will probably not post it on ebay since I’d rather have a true triathlete use this stuff rather than some random person. It prob will get posted on craigslist/slowtwitch and here.


***Update = COMPUTRAINER IS SOLD! go check out my buddy Nick’s site at trijuice.com!  The other items are still available as of 12/10/08, but I am in finals and have trouble keeping up right now…

Please email me at hector “@” iwilltri. com

*If you are in Twin Cities or Chicago/Milwaukee area, there is a good probability that we can arrange where to meet so you don’t have to pay postage.

1). COMPUTRAINER PRO – 2007 = $1,100 plus postage if you require it. **SOLD

Complete in box with every normal attachment that comes in the box – that list is found in the link above.

My experience with it: there is nothing else quite like it on the market – you can now buy the full video interactive courses, but even the old ones that did not give you real video help a ton. If you are not believer in trainer workouts then go research that, but for me it was critical living in downtown Minneapolis and wanting to maximize my workout and my time spent on those workouts. It keeps track of everything for you in real time plus the ability to track over time.

My use of it: I bought it brand new in early summer 2007 and underused it before Ironman Wisconsin – probably only 15 times. I then out it away and only started using it again in January of 2008 – then probably rode it 40-50 times before Ironman Arizona. All in all ridden less than 75 times and it has never left my loft’s living room. I never traveled with it or took it anywhere else – it shows some usage, but once again used lightly June-Aug in 2007, then serious training from Jan-April 2008.



2). LG Rocket Helmet: $75 plus postage if your require it. I bought this brand new last year ahead of Ironman Wisconsin. I think I have used it for 7-8 races total. I never really train in it at all so u are getting a helmet that hasn’t been worn that much.

LG aeero helmet

LG aero helmet

3). 2007 Speedo Fast Skin two piece (not uni) size Large, red and black, $100 plus postage if you require it. I have used this brand new suit one time, that’s is right, one time, that is it – I think that brand new now still puts you over $200… It comes with the shorts and the top. This is made out of exact same material as the one piece uni, it just comes in 2 pieces. You can sizing at the speedo site, but it fits tight and would would probably be best on 5’10-6’1 within the 170-180 pnd range.

It’s hard to find a pic of the 2 piece so here is DKT wearing the 1 piece – just remember mine is the 2 piece and it does not have any cool pro logos.

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Official Women’s Beijing Olympics Triathlon Results

Official Beijing Olympics Triathlon Results for the women’s race are up and here is the link over at triathlon.org
I have obviously done a horrible job of chronicling the the actual Triathlon race at the Ming Tomb Reservoir since I was actually there, but the videos are coming soon (hopefully before I start mba school in 10 days). So anyway, you can look at the results and a few things stand out. One is that it’s unfortunate that there were 10 dnfs. We know that three ladies got into a crash, but I’m not so sure why the others did not finish. If there is any race that you should absolutely definitely finish in my book, it’s a race that only comes around every fours years. If it takes a Julie Moss crawl…well then that’s what it takes, but actually finishing an Olympic race is a must – our sport is not one where there are different distances and events (ala 100m, 200m, 400m, relays, etc). The other stuff is fairly regular, although Emma Snowsill’s 33:16 10k (5:22 pace) is blistering. Just like Javier Gomez in the past has cemented going under 30 minutes to beat him in the 10k, Emma’s run is sure to send girls to the treadmill all winter long. She ran over a full minute faster than Vanessa Fernandes, who is no slow poke!

Results for: Elite Women
Position Last Name First Name Country Total Time SWIM T1 BIKE T2 RUN
1 Snowsill Emma AUS 01:58:26 00:19:50 00:00:27 01:04:20 00:00:31 00:33:16
2 Fernandes Vanessa POR 01:59:33 00:19:52 00:00:29 01:04:18 00:00:32 00:34:21
3 Moffatt Emma AUS 01:59:55 00:19:55 00:00:31 01:04:12 00:00:31 00:34:46
4 Bennett Laura USA 02:00:21 00:19:48 00:00:29 01:04:23 00:00:29 00:35:10
5 Ide Juri JPN 02:00:22 00:19:49 00:00:29 01:04:23 00:00:34 00:35:05
6 Spirig Nicola SUI 02:00:30 00:20:16 00:00:27 01:03:54 00:00:31 00:35:20
7 Ryf Daniela SUI 02:00:39 00:19:56 00:00:26 01:04:17 00:00:29 00:35:31
8 Hewitt Andrea NZL 02:00:45 00:19:53 00:00:29 01:04:15 00:00:29 00:35:38
9 Niwata Kiyomi JPN 02:00:50 00:19:56 00:00:34 01:04:13 00:00:31 00:35:36
10 Tanner Debbie NZL 02:01:05 00:19:57 00:00:29 01:04:17 00:00:29 00:35:54
11 Haskins Sarah USA 02:01:21 00:19:49 00:00:31 01:04:18 00:00:31 00:36:10
12 Harrison Jessica FRA 02:01:30 00:19:56 00:00:29 01:04:13 00:00:31 00:36:19
13 Di marco Messmer Magali SUI 02:01:49 00:19:49 00:00:29 01:04:22 00:00:29 00:36:39
14 Allen Kate AUT 02:01:59 00:20:56 00:00:31 01:05:24 00:00:34 00:34:32
15 Lisk Ricarda GER 02:02:07 00:20:00 00:00:29 01:04:12 00:00:39 00:36:46
16 Warriner Samantha NZL 02:02:12 00:19:58 00:00:29 01:04:15 00:00:34 00:36:55
17 Ueda Ai JPN 02:02:19 00:20:16 00:00:29 01:03:56 00:00:27 00:37:09
18 Norden Lisa SWE 02:02:26 00:20:55 00:00:29 01:05:26 00:00:31 00:35:05
19 Ertel Julie USA 02:02:38 00:19:50 00:00:29 01:04:23 00:00:31 00:37:22
20 Burgos Ana ESP 02:02:42 00:20:56 00:00:31 01:05:28 00:00:36 00:35:10
21 Tucker Helen GBR 02:02:54 00:19:51 00:00:31 01:04:17 00:00:36 00:37:39
22 Densham Erin AUS 02:03:07 00:20:54 00:00:29 01:05:27 00:00:31 00:35:46
23 Frintova Vendula CZE 02:03:27 00:20:53 00:00:31 01:05:29 00:00:27 00:36:06
24 Sapunova Yuliya UKR 02:03:33 00:21:01 00:00:29 01:05:18 00:00:34 00:36:09
25 Riveros Diaz Barbara CHI 02:03:42 00:20:20 00:00:27 01:06:03 00:00:34 00:36:16
26 Pilz Christiane GER 02:03:45 00:20:00 00:00:32 01:04:08 00:00:34 00:38:29
27 Haiboeck Tania AUT 02:04:02 00:21:03 00:00:27 01:05:22 00:00:32 00:36:37
28 Murua Ainhoa ESP 02:04:48 00:19:59 00:00:29 01:07:06 00:00:36 00:36:38
29 Murray Carolyn CAN 02:04:55 00:20:55 00:00:29 01:05:28 00:00:32 00:37:30
30 Dederko Ewa POL 02:05:08 00:21:01 00:00:29 01:05:24 00:00:31 00:37:42
31 Tremblay Kathy CAN 02:05:22 00:19:51 00:00:27 01:04:23 00:00:34 00:40:04
32 Roberts Kate RSA 02:05:33 00:19:58 00:00:29 01:06:26 00:00:36 00:38:02
33 Dittmer Anja GER 02:05:45 00:20:15 00:00:29 01:06:08 00:00:32 00:38:18
34 Peon Carole FRA 02:06:03 00:20:22 00:00:31 01:06:41 00:00:34 00:37:54
35 Czesnik Maria POL 02:06:12 00:20:01 00:00:29 01:06:57 00:00:36 00:38:05
36 Zausaylova Olga RUS 02:06:24 00:20:57 00:00:29 01:05:24 00:00:31 00:39:00
37 Davis Emma IRL 02:06:28 00:20:16 00:00:31 01:06:03 00:00:27 00:39:09
38 Szabo Zita HUN 02:06:45 00:20:28 00:00:29 01:05:58 00:00:32 00:39:16
39 Ohata Mariana BRA 02:07:10 00:20:01 00:00:29 01:06:24 00:00:31 00:39:43
40 Xing Lin CHN 02:07:34 00:20:02 00:00:27 01:06:22 00:00:36 00:40:05
41 May Elizabeth LUX 02:07:55 00:20:26 00:00:29 01:05:56 00:00:32 00:40:30
42 Zhang Yi CHN 02:08:37 00:19:58 00:00:31 01:07:10 00:00:36 00:40:21
43 Rabie Mari RSA 02:09:27 00:19:53 00:00:29 01:06:30 00:00:34 00:42:00
44 Bonin Charlotte ITA 02:09:41 00:20:06 00:00:29 01:06:57 00:00:37 00:41:30
45 Mensink Lisa NED 02:10:17 00:20:02 00:00:27 01:07:44 00:00:32 00:41:30
DNF Abyssova Irina RUS 00:00:00 00:19:56 00:00:29 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00
DNF Avil Hollie GBR 00:00:00 00:20:09 00:00:31 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00
DNF Dollinger Eva AUT 00:00:00 00:20:03 00:00:24 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00
DNF Groves Lauren CAN 00:00:00 00:20:04 00:00:29 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00
DNF Zemanova Lenka CZE 00:00:00 00:20:00 00:00:27 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00
DNF Chmet Daniela ITA 00:00:00 00:20:00 00:00:31 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00
DNF Corona Adriana Fabiola MEX 00:00:00 00:21:16 00:00:29 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00
DNF Dimaki Deniz GRE 00:00:00 00:21:36 00:00:31 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00
DNF Duffy Flora BER 00:00:00 00:20:26 00:00:32 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00
DNF Mak So Ning Tania HKG 00:00:00 00:21:18 00:00:32 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00
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Simon Whitfield Silver Medalist at Beijing Olympics live Q&A

Simon Whitfield, Olympic Gold medalist from Sidney and now Silver medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Triathlon is having a live Q&A with slowtwitch.com on the forum. Check out tonight, Thursday August 21st at 8pm EST.

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Every Single Beijing Olympics Update is on slowtwitch.com

Hec and Chelle at Beijing Olympics

Hec and Chelle at Bird's Nest National Stadium for Beijing Olympics

The 2008 Beijing Olympics were RIDICULOUSLY awesome – unbelievable and a definite must if you care at all about sports. We saw Usain Bolt run the 100m heats, sat 17 rows up from the track for the long distance finals, saw the world record in women’s pole vault set, hung out at the 38km run of the women’s marathon, stood up for 8 medal ceremonies, went up to the Great Wall and visited Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace, and of course watched both Male and Female Triathlons. Does my head banner mean something to you? On the left you know have GOLD medalist from Australia Emma Snowsill and on the right you have me with Simon Whitfiled SILVER medalist (to add to his Gold from Sidney).

I had the opportunity to journal for slowtwitch so sorry if you expected more on this site, but I couldn’t pass up writing for the World’s Largest TRIATHLON website, so please head over to slowtitch.com’s main page for my entire Live From the Beijing Olympics series.

update 1 is here | update 2 here | update 3 here | final update here

Pictures are coming, but here are a few of my favorites:

Hector in front of Bird's Nest National Stadium at Beijing Olympics

Hector in front of Bird's Nest National Stadium at Beijing Olympics

Hec and Chelle at Forbidden City for Beijing Olympics

Hec and Chelle at Forbidden City for Beijing Olympics

Hector, Emma Moffatt : Silver, Emma Snowsill : Gold, Beijing Olympics Triathlon

Hector, Emma Moffatt : Bronze, Emma Snowsill : Gold, Beijing Olympics Triathlon

Hector at 2008 Beijing Olympics Triathlon Venue

Hector at 2008 Beijing Olympics Triathlon Venue

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My updates from Beijing on slowtwitch.com

Slowtwtich.com has my latest updates from Beijing – go to the front page or here for the direct post.  I am very pumped for tomorrow’s action and hope to get a bunch of video and pictures.  I spoke to Greg Bennett today at the Team USA hotel and he is getting ready to be the commentator for the BBC – man that’d be a gig I’d want some day!  Ok tomorrow is the women’s Olympic Triathlon race – get your tivo ready.  Below is a picture of the triathlon tickets:

Beijing olympic triathlon tickets

Beijing olympic triathlon tickets

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Beijing up to this point

I haven’t had a lot of triathlon related news up to this point so that is why I have not posted.  Below are a few pictures from the first few days.  It was really cool to see where the road cycling race took place as we traveled today up towards the Great Wall.  Tomorrow we get to see track and field, with the men’s 100m heats, women’s heptathlon, and women’s 800m heats.  The pollution to me does not feel suffocating but I have not been running outside.  It is just more noticeable when you look up at the skyline rather than the in your face black smoke that I see in Latin America.  I made a great find today with a triathlon pin, since triathlon is barely known and when I ask locals about it by showing them the sport symbol they kind of shrug and show me the cycling gear.  I will probably scout out the Triathlon venue on Sunday afternoon if I have time.

Beijing Olympics airport banner

Beijing Olympics airport banner

eye of the dragon?

eye of the dragon?

finish of Beijing Olympics road cycling

finish of Beijing Olympics road cycling

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Hunter Kemper triathlon adventure video

Here is a link to a growingbolder.com video on Hunter Kemper’s triathlon adventures. I hope to catch him here in the enxt few days!

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